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Welcome to Hebrew Monuments, Cape Town South Africa

Serving the Jewish and wider communities.

Hebrew Monuments was established in 2009. The founders are Cantor Ian and Helene Camissar.

  • We process raw granite and marble into tombstones and memorials.

  • We also have a department for all your kitchen requirements in granite and marble.

  • We have a wide variety of imported cutting, profiling and polishing equipment to ensure precision and professionalism.

  • We have a repair division that includes: repainting of letters, lifting tilting tombstones and slabs and all other general tombstone repairs.

  • We offer free quotes.

  • We are one of the leading stone mason companies in Cape Town and have many clients who have expressed their gratitude for our care, precision and reliable services.


When to Erect a Tombstone?

In former years, since our clergy were of English descent, we followed the English custom of erecting a Tombstone around the time of the Yarzeit, the anniversary of the death and then holding a Consecration.

The truth is, that one can put up a Tombstone straight after the Shivah period, i.e. 7 days after the burial. This is quite common when children live overseas and attend the burial and wish to have the Unveiling (Consecration) straight after the Shivah period.

Spouses quite regularly request that the Tombstone be erected straight away as they feel that a mound of sand over the grave is showing no respect to their loved ones. In general, Consecrations can be held once the stone has been erected. However, on certain days of the Jewish Calendar no Consecrations can take place. Before deciding on a date, one should consult the Rabbi of the Congregation as to when Consecrations are allowed.

It is also a custom, when going to the Cemetery, to place a stone on the grave. This shows that you have taken the time to visit your loved ones and to pay your respects.

When entering or departing the Cemetery it is a beautiful custom to donate charity in the name of your loved ones.

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